Sunday, January 18, 2015

Spectating RunDisney

Normally, I am the runner and my family is my loyal cheering crew. I had the opportunity this trip to be a spectator. My kids did the Mickey Mile and my hubby the 10k. I have to say, being a soectator is very different but I had so much fun. 

Race number one was on Thursday. We visited the race expo and then made our way to the staging area. I pinned race bib on the kids and we waited for the start. Parents were allowed to run with kids but my kids didn't want me to run with them. That is until about 15 minutes before the race. They were on their own as I wasn't dressed for it and running in jeans just wasn't going to work. My hubby headed to Champion stadium to catch the kids as they ran around the warm up track and I headed to the track and field complex to see them finish. I anxiously waited to see them make their way onto the track. My camera was in hand to catch their finishing stretch. 

Sean hit the track first and I cheered him on. He was trying to pick up speed to finish strong. Shortly after, Kenzie made her way into the track. She picked up her pace when she saw me. Next was Izzie. She was waking and I could tell she was struggling. I cheered for her very loudly and she started running again. I cut across the field so I could see her finish. They all did a great job. John had made it back to the finish in time to see her finish.  I made my way over to the finish area to get the kids. Safety is important at these races. Kids are kept in an area until a parent arrives and a ticket matching their race bib is presented. 

Race 2 had an early start. I was up at 3:30 am to get ready and have the kids on the bus by 4:45 am. We made the walk to the start area and tried our best to see John but there were too many people in front of us. As soon as everyone from corral C was on their way, we walked to the finish stands to cheer him on. We all had stadium blankets which was good since it was a bit chilly that morning. Compared to where we live it wasn't too terrible. One of the officers who checked my bags before we were allowed in welcomed me to the making of Frozen 2. I would gladly take 40 degrees all winter if I had the choice. 

Shortly after we arrived at the finish area the first runner was approaching the finish. I was amazed at his speed. We clapped and cheered the runners finishing. It wasn't even 6:30 am so it was still dark out. I was tracking John's phone so I could see where he was and I could be ready for photos. He said he was going to have a blinking light on so I figured he should be easy to spot. Soon, I saw him making his way but he had no blinker. Good thing I saw him and I tried my best to get photos. Since it was dark it was hard for the camera to respond quick enough. He did an awesome job that morning and I really enjoyed being able to see him have his moment. 

I really enjoyed those two days of spectating. I realized it is not as easy as it looks when rushing from spot to spot and trying to capture the perfect photo. I am grateful for the running around my family does to cheer me on. As a runner, it is nice to be able to cheer other runners on as well. I look forward to the next time my family runs so I can cheer them on. 

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